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"Working with Gra-Rock was the best experience I ever had working with a concrete company." -Troy Beachy



Despite being booked they worked me in ahead of schedule.  The drivers did an excellent job of navigating the narrow driveway and entry to get to the site.  Great people to work with.  I would highly recommend Gra-Rock.

-Greg H.

Gra-Rock is an excellent company to work with. They’ve done several projects for us, including an 8” thick pour on our warehouse expansion project. They are very knowledgeable on all things concrete. Their service was very reliable, prompt, and friendly. If you are new to concrete, you can trust these guys, they adhere to a high level of integrity.

- David W.




Concrete Constructions



Your project is our project.

We know choosing the correct ready-mixed concrete for your project can be overwhelming.  


At Gra-Rock, we do our best to make your next concrete project simple, easy, and completed on time.

Why work with us?

  • Hundreds of proven mixes and designs

  • Over 15 years of concrete experience 

  • Quality to ensure longevity and pleasing performance

  • We work hard to ensure 1-2 business day delivery

  • Available hand tools for rent 

  • Contractor rates available


It doesn't matter if you are a homeowner doing a small DIY concrete project or a contractor on a tight schedule, our goal is to give you the best ready mix concrete available with the best customer service possible.  


Call Gra-Rock today; we'd love to make your concrete project stress-free for you!

Want to learn more about ready mix concrete? 

Read our blog post on the

Beginner's Guide to Ready Mix Concrete


Gra-Rock Redi Mix and Precast is a Ready Mixed Concrete Supplier for Kokomo, Indiana.  We always aim to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers.  We make excellence in our materials and service a minimum standard so that our customers only get the best.  When it comes to ready-mixed concrete, nothing less then the best is good enough.

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Are you looking for a reliable Concrete Supplier near Kokomo?

As a contractor and builder in the Kokomo area, you need to work with reliable vendors and suppliers for your jobs to be done on-time, on-budget, and with the best quality.

But there is a problem - it is hard to find reliable contractors who consistently do what they say and provide a quality product every time.

At Gra-Rock, we understand this frustration.

That is why we do everything we can to deliver quality ready mix concrete to jobsites in the Kokomo area to make your next construction project a success.

Our business model is pretty simple - we deliver quality concrete to your job site as scheduled so your job keeps moving forward.

Say goodbye to inconsistent concrete or missed delivery windows and enjoy a concrete supplier who truly has your company's best interest in mind. 

Contact us today to start the conversation!

Gra-Rock is still delivering ready mix concrete to job sites.  Our team is practicing social distancing and other health recommendations during this time.